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Neurocognitive Assessment Centers

Comprehensive neurological care and support

The NFL developed a comprehensive neurological care program to support the brain and cognitive health of players. At six top-tier medical centers across the nation, former NFL players can receive diagnostic and preventive assessments, as well as coordinated care for possible neurological health issues, from a team of neurological specialists.

To schedule an assessment, call the medical facility nearest you using the points of contact listed below:

  • Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles-Health Systems, Dr. Christopher Giza — (310) 825-6196
  • New Orleans: Tulane University, Dr. Gregory Stewart/Dr. Roger Kelley — (504) 988-8476
  • New York: Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Silvana Riggio — (212) 774-1722
  • St. Louis: Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Dr. David Brody — (314) 362-1381
  • San Francisco: University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, Dr. Mitchel Berger — (415) 353-3933

Players are responsible for the costs of assessments, care, and travel. If you are a vested player who has been retired from the NFL for less than five years and have health coverage through the NFL, your NFL health insurance will pay for assessments. For more information about the Neurological Care Program, contact the NFL Player Care Foundation at (800) 635-4625.

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If health problems or other issues are reaching a crisis point, the NFL Life Line is here for you. Just call (800) 506-0078 or chat online. Either way you'll be connected to a caring, trained counselor. It's free, independently operated, and available 24/7. The NFL Life Line also provides information about the many resources available to assist members of the NFL family in life off the field, whether it's for professional and personal development, physical or mental health issues, or learning how to recognize when someone you care about needs support. Learn more using the links below.